Glimpse of Destiny

I feel myself free falling through this thing called life.

I want so badly to cling onto what I am accustomed to, yet I want things outside of my norms.

I feel myself afraid to let go of the rope and jump into the sea.

The sea of things I have been praying about.

They are all right there in front of me, yet I am afraid to let go.

My insecurities cause me to tremble as I hold on tightly to this rope, to this lifeline that connects me to the life I no longer want.

I want everything I prayed for yet I am afraid to go after it.

Detours cause me to become lethargic in my thinking.

Detours cause me to become complacent even more and wallow in the shallow pond I have dug for myself.

It’s up to me to change this…It’s up to me to jump into the unknown to achieve the GREATNESS I so badly desire!!